Henshaw XPro


  • 1.5 ATA (7 psi) operating pressure
  • Slide door entry for ease of use
  • Inter-phone system for 2-way communication
  • Automatic air pressure control system, the door is sealed by pressure
  • Wide viewing window
  • Delivers 95% oxygen under pressure via face mask (optional)
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Control system combines compressor, oxygen concentrator and cooling unit.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Width 90 cm
  • Length 220 cm
  • Weight 170 kg
  • Pressure 1.5 ATA or 7 psi
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In 1662, prior to the discovery of Oxygen, a British Doctor named Henshaw built the world’s first Hyperbaric Chamber. He noted that by increasing air pressure, it could alleviate some acute injuries.

Today, Using the very latest innovations, we bring to you the most technological advanced portable chambers.

For professional use, this is a compact and light unit with all the
luxury you would want for a fantastic experience. The extra
large window gives your customer total feel of freedom.

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