Important questions to ask before you choose your HBOT chamber AND your supplier…

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As the popularity of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy grows, so does the number of HBOT suppliers with people wanting to jump on the latest trend.

However, investing in a HBOT chamber is a big commitment and you want to be sure that the company you choose is able to supply a super high-quality chamber and importantly is able to back it up with ALL the support you will need to be able to experience all of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

While there are a few manufacturers you could choose to buy or rent your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber from, the quality of the chambers and after-sales support can vary dramatically.

Making the right choice is critical.

You want to be sure that the company you choose can supply a super high-quality chamber and, importantly, is able to back it up with ALL the support you will need to be able to experience safe and effective Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

While there are a few companies you could choose to buy or rent your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber from, the quality of the chambers and after-sales support can vary dramatically, so making the right choice is critical.

Here are the key things to look for when choosing a HBOT supplier…

  1. Comprehensive support – A good company will be able to offer UK-based user support, technical support and medical support. Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers offers all of this support from a UK-based team of top-class experts in the field of HBOT, who have over 30 years of experience between them supporting people like you in successfully installing a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber into their home.
  2. Delivery, installation and setup – many HBOT chamber providers will drop ship your chamber and send you a video of how to install it.

    That’s not an ideal way to begin using a new therapy.

    And that’s why Henshaw Hyperbarics always send an expert engineer to install the HBOT chamber in the room of your choice, ensuring that it is fully operational, and they have shown you how to use it before they leave you.

  3. Quality and safety standardsISO 9001 is a trusted way to see if a company has made the commitment to put substantial time and effort into making sure their product or service conforms to the highest quality and safety standards.

    In simple terms, ISO 9001 is a standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system. It helps businesses and organizations to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction. 

    Some companies claim ISO accreditation but in practice they are referring to an accreditation that their supplier may have, rather than one they hold themselves.  Not only is this a red flag (as they are being a bit economical with the truth) is also means that they don’t have an ISO quality certification themselves. Companies should be able to provide you with a copy of a valid certificate to show their ISO compliance. We have heavily invested in gaining ISO certification for quality and safety so you can partner with us with confidence – you can find ours here: ISO Accreditation

  4. Experienced team of experts – does the supplier have an experienced team of experts on hand to help you? Choosing, installing, training, these are things you can learn from the internet. It takes a dedicated team of professionals to help you get the right outcomes. And that is where Henshaw excels.

    Henshaw Hyperbarics work with experts, doctors and health specialists to fully understand the products, the research and the benefits, so we can help you choose, install and safely operate the right chamber for you.

  5. Try before you choose – does your supplier give you the option to visit their premises and spend dedicated time with a HBOT expert who can show you the different models and give you the opportunity to experience the chambers for yourself?

    You are welcome to visit the Henshaw Experience Centre which has some of the most popular HBOT models so you can see them for yourself. And while you are with us, one of our team will be there to help you choose the right chamber.

  6. Assembled in the UK? – Some companies state that their chambers are assembled in the UK and the implication is that they are manufactured in the UK. This is misleading because they are usually referring to a chamber that is manufactured overseas, and just taken out of the box and assembled in the UK.

    We would recommend you check if they are actually manufactured in the UK (very unlikely) or just delivered and put together in the UK. Some of the best quality chambers are manufactured overseas, however do you want to invest in a company deliberately misleading you?

    Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers are manufactured to our specifications and rigorous quality standards (we are the only supplier with our own ISO quality certifications).

    When you choose a Henshaw chamber you know that you are choosing a high specification, high-quality HBOT chamber backed by robust warranties. With years of experience, hundreds of chambers successfully installed and operated across the UK and the UK’s largest and most experience support team – peace of mind comes as standard when you choose Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers.

  7. Industry-leading warranty – you need to be confident that your HBOT chamber has a cast-iron guarantee should anything happen with your chamber.

    Henshaw offers an industry-leading warranty backed by an incredible UK-based team.

Why Choose Henshaw?

We’ve created a useful Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber guide to help you discover how to choose the right chamber and the right supplier for your needs. 

In this HBOT chamber guide, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding HBOT, address the most common concerns, and give you the information you need to choose the right chamber (and the right supplier) for you.

Request a free copy of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers guide – the key questions to ask before you choose your chamber here…

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