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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Who are Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers?

A. Henshaw are a UK based manufacturer and distributer of high quality hyperbaric chambers, having been established for over 30 years. Find out more here.

Q. How many models do you offer?

A. Our current range is four chambers, with different models for different uses and requirements. The models are the 1662, XL, Recline and XPro. Find out more about each here.

Q. Are they for home use?

A. We currently have three models that are suited for home use and a fourth model that is specifically designed for more regular business usage.

Q. How much do they cost to buy?

A. All our chambers offer fantastic value and are available to buy or rent, on various terms. Please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest distributer for a personalised pricing plan.

Q. What guarantees do they come with?

A. For your peace of mind, all our chambers come with a warranty and unrivalled support. For home users the warranty is 3 years; for business users it’s 1 year. You can read more about our guarantees here.

Q. Are your chambers safe?

A. Very much so. Our chambers are built using all the latest technology and engineering innovation to ensure your safety and comfort. Each has achieved a BV. CE. ISO13485 certification. Find out more here.

Q. What support do you offer?

A. Our support is second to none, with dedicated teams on hand to help with general user support, technical support and medical support. Learn more on our main ‘Support’ page.

Q. Why should I choose one of your chambers?

A. There are many reasons why we believe Henshaw are the only choice for a high quality, affordable hyperbaric chamber.

From the way we construct our chambers, to the ease of operation, the various ways to own one, the features and benefits of each, right through to the support and guarantees, there are so many reasons to choose a Henshaw chamber.

For questions related to HBOT, please read our HBOT FAQ page.

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