Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers

Henshaw Use the Very Latest Technology to Produce a Range of High-Quality Hyperbaric Chambers

Back in 1662, a British physician called Henshaw created a pressurised room he called the “domicilium”, which he used to treat patients with acute conditions.

Fast forward to today and Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers are building on that legacy, producing exceptionally high-quality chambers for health, beauty and fitness needs.

The Henshaw Range

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             Henshaw 1662                                   Henshaw Space

             Henshaw Recline                             Henshaw Recline XL

             Henshaw Solo                             Henshaw Deep

             Henshaw Pro                            Henshaw XLPro



                           Henshaw Space – Child Friendly Chamber Covers


England rugby star Jonny May recovering from a sports injury at home using a Henshaw 1662 Chamber.
England rugby star Jonny May recovering from a sports injury at home using a Henshaw 1662 Chamber.

Our range includes hyperbaric chambers for businesses as well as portable hyperbaric chambers for the home user.

Each model has been specifically designed to cater for a wide range of needs, with variations in size, capability, features and price.

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“With the physical and mental demands of training and playing, a hyperbaric environment allows me to recover far more efficiently, while being able to relax. Spending time in my Henshaw chamber is an integral part of my daily routine. I’m able to recover faster by getting more oxygen around my body – recovery is performance.”
Jonny May, England Rugby Star

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England Rugby Star Dylan Hartley using his Henshaw Space chamber as part of his daily routine.

“After years of putting myself through the rigours of professional rugby, I am now focused on being as diligent as I can to repair my body. Good daily habits were always a mainstay during my career and now in retirement applying the same positive approach to routine has helped me stay focused, productive and ultimately healthier.

Time in my Henshaw using HBOT is part of that daily routine. It has had a positive impact on my general well-being and most importantly, I’ve found a significant improvement in my cognitive function.”
Dylan Hartley, Captain of the England National Rugby Union Team 2016-2018

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Different by Design

There are various companies who manufacture portable hyperbaric chambers, but that doesn’t mean all chambers are the same.

Henshaw hyperbaric chambers are different by design in several key areas, including the materials used, the construction method and the attention to detail.

The result of these exacting standards is a range of chambers that are market leaders in safety, comfort and ease-of-use.

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Exceptional Support

Manufacturing and distributing technologically advanced hyperbaric chambers is just one part of our business.

The other is providing comprehensive levels of support to all our customers, making sure they get the very best from our chambers.

Utilising our in-house experts, as well as a highly trained network of distributors, we’re able to provide advanced technical and medical support, as well as general help and advice for the home user.

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Want to Know More?

By exploring our website, you’ll be able to discover our range of hyperbaric chambers, find out more about what makes us different, learn more about our support service and much more.

However, if you have questions not covered by our FAQ section, or would like to talk to us about your needs and how our chambers can help, please do get in touch.

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