HBOT Chamber Rental Programme

The Henshaw HBOT chamber rental option keeps things simple and allows you to experience the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy either on a short-term basis or to try before investing.

We have two rental options to choose from. One for home users and one for business users…

  • Home users click here – Discover more about a rental programme for soft-shelled chambers which are suitable for home use.
  • Business users click here – Find out more about our dedicated rental programme for businesses and organisations. You can choose from portable soft-shelled chambers, or hard-shelled chambers which are often more popular with our professional clients.

When you choose a Henshaw chamber, we guarantee it has been designed and built to the highest specification, based on over 15 years of experience and working with top experts in the field.

Add to that our commitment to safety and the multi-layered support that comes as standard, you will have total peace of mind for a fantastic HBOT experience when you choose Henshaw Hyperbarics to rent or purchase your HBOT chamber

Exceptional UK-Based Support from Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers

When you rent a HBOT chamber from Henshaw Hyperbarics, you can expect to receive the same exceptional support that you would purchasing a chamber.

A key part of our business ethos is providing comprehensive levels of support to all our customers, making sure they get the very best from our chambers.

Utilising our in-house experts, as well as a highly trained network of distributors, we’re able to provide advanced technical and medical support, as well as general user support and servicing.

Learn more about our support…

Henshaw Support

Henshaw Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT Chamber Support