Comprehensive systems and support for professionals, businesses and organisations offering Henshaw Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy…


Operating a successful and safe HBOT business or clinic requires important operating systems and processes, quality assurance and multiple layers of expert support.

For example, while Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is safe for most people, there are a small number of people with specific health issues or backgrounds who should NOT receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

So it is critically important that any business or organisation offering HBOT ensures that they have a robust client intake process, and that medical safety screening (ideally with doctor support) is in place before anyone receives hyperbaric therapy.

But client intake is just one important element.

Safe, successful and sustainable operation requires comprehensive support that starts with site surveys, risk assessments and professional installation, and goes on to include initial and ongoing training, advanced training, user and technical support, doctor and medical support, and ongoing operational support including engineers, spare parts, service level agreements and warranties.

Most businesses selling Hyperbaric Chambers are NOT able to provide this support. In fact, there are many just selling standalone chambers, with none of the safety critical backup and support required to deliver safe and effective hyperbaric therapy, and to create a successful practice.

This makes choosing the right HBOT partner for your long-term success very important.

It means that what at first may look like a cheap chamber supplier can quickly end up proving to be a costly mistake for your business or organisation, or, even worse, pose serious safety risks to your staff and customers.

Choosing an HBOT partner who can supply high-quality leading-edge chambers is just the beginning – it’s essential that your HBOT partner is able to back it up with ALL the support you will need to be able to deliver safe and effective hyperbaric therapy for your clients.

That’s why Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers have spent many years creating and developing a comprehensive package of support for the safe, successful and sustainable operation of your HBOT business or practice.

Henshaw XL Pro HBOT chamber

Here are the essential safety, quality assurance and operations systems and support that you get when you choose to partner with Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers…

  1. Selection, Site Survey, Installation

    The Hyperbaric Professional Support System (HPSS) includes critically important steps and processes before and during installation.

    These are even more important when it comes to operating commercial grade, hard shell and multi place hyperbaric chambers, and chambers operating at pressures higher than 1.5 ATA.

    Henshaw have proven, quality assured (ISO 9001) processes and systems in place to ensure that the best and most appropriate chambers are selected for the location and application.

    This includes site surveys for safety and suitability (including CAD 3D modelling) and comprehensive installation procedures and processes.

  2. Comprehensive Training

    High quality training is essential to the safe and effective delivery of HBOT. Henshaw have fully qualified and highly experienced team of HBOT experts who are able to train and support businesses and their teams to safely deliver HBOT between 1.3 and 2 ATA.

    HPSS includes initial on-site operator training delivered by a Henshaw team member. In addition, comprehensive safety and operations training is available through an online training resource (8 hours of training with a 381-page training manual) with the opportunity to gain BHT certification through IBUM (International Board of Undersea Medicine).

    Further advanced bespoke training options are also available. In addition, Henshaw provide customer facing printed educational resources for clinics.

    Commissioning and training for chambers capable of 2 ATA requires support from highly experienced and qualified HBOT experts, this is also available to Henshaw professional partners.

  3. Client Intake Screening and Medical Protocols

    Henshaw have long-standing professional relationships with the world’s top Hyperbaric Doctors and provide Henshaw HPSS partners with access to a client intake process and medical safety screening system.

    The client intake process and safety screening system are available with doctor support, delivered by world leading practitioners of hyperbaric medicine.

    All this contributes to your ability to deliver safe HBOT.

  4. Ongoing Medical, Operations and Technical Support

    A good HBOT partner will be able to offer, and have a proven track record in providing, comprehensive user, technical and medical support.

    Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers delivers expert support through our large team of top-class professionals.

    This team have decades of experience supporting professionals, businesses and organisations (including some of the world’s highest profile elite sports teams) to successfully introduce and sustainably deliver safe and effective Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

  5. Business Development

    The Hyperbaric Professional Support System (HPSS) also gives you access to valuable tools, resources and support to develop and grow your practice.

    This includes accreditation as a Henshaw Professional Partner, so that you can demonstrate a commitment to and the achievement of a credible set of standards.

    Henshaw HPSS partners have access to HBOT specific business development workshops covering topics such as Getting Started, Marketing, Sales, Operations, the Henshaw Combined Approach (a multi-therapy approach) and much more.

    This also covers an awareness and understanding of the specific administrative, legal and insurance requirements that you need to consider.

    In addition, HPSS partners benefit from an Upgrade Pathway which allows your operational capacity to develop as your business or clinic grows.

  6. Marketing and Sales

    Henshaw recognise that creating a client base and building a sustainable business is a key element of creating a successful HBOT practice.

    The Henshaw Professional Support System includes a high level of marketing and sales support for Henshaw partners. This includes…

    Getting Started – Marketing Pack

    Launch Programme – Support

    Open House HBOT Talks and Presentations – In Person and Online

    Marketing Collateral – Print and Online

    Lead Generation Strategies– to Attract Clients

    Conversion Support – Professional Sales Training

    Added Value Strategies – Ethically Offering Multiple Session programmes

    Lifetime Value Strategies -Ethical Cross selling, Upselling

    Referral Strategies – to Win More Clients

    Affiliate/Professional Referral Programme – to Enhance Your Earning Potential

    Membership Programme – Coming Soon with a Wellness Suite Offer

    Referrals – from Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers and Wellness Tree Websites 

    Henshaw Locations – Your Locations/s Listed on the Henshaw Website

    Support with ASA/CAP Compliance – Advertising Standards Agency (ASA/CAP) Guidelines

  7. Quality Assurance & Safety

    While mild HBOT is an inherently safe therapy, and is safe for most people, there are a small number of people with specific conditions or backgrounds who should NOT receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

    Henshaw supports partners in the delivery of safe HBOT with the client intake process, medical safety screening and access to doctor support. These systems are designed to identify any contraindications that indicate when HBOT should not be used because it may be harmful to that person.

    In addition, Henshaw gives partners the additional peace of mind and reassurance that comes from Henshaw holding two internationally recognised ISO accreditations. ISO is a trusted way to see if a company has made the commitment to put substantial time, effort and investment into making sure their product and/or service conforms to the highest quality and safety standards. They are…

    ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation – quality management system certification. ISO 9001 is a standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system.

    ISO 45001:2018 certification – occupational health and safety standards. ISO 45001 accreditation is an international standard for occupational health and safety.

  8. Product Liability, Warranties and Service Level Agreements  

    You need to be confident that your HBOT chambers come with a solid guarantee that covers regular business and professional use to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer should anything happen with your chamber.

    You also need to ensure that the business offering the warranty is one of good standing – length of years in business and financial stability matter if it comes to the crunch.

    Henshaw offers an industry-leading warranty for business and professional users.

    This includes the option of comprehensive and extended service level agreements for professional clients, to give peace of mind for multiple years of operation. Henshaw warranties and optional service level agreements are backed by our highly experienced team.

    Another important protection for Henshaw partners is the comprehensive product liability insurance that we hold for your protection and peace of mind.

    No business can accept liability for everything, but we believe a good business will have sensible terms and conditions, that are fairly weighted, and that they will be prepared to pay for the expensive insurance premiums to back them.

Some claim to be as good as Henshaw, others try to copy

our formula – but only Henshaw offers the complete

package backed with years of experience for your safety

and peace of mind.