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Henshaw Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) chambers rental programme - soft shell chamber

As a professional either already in the wellness industry, or looking to start your wellness business, you understand that there is huge demand for the latest ground-breaking therapies, diets and regimes.

And that there is an eager audience waiting for the next leading edge solution in wellness and fitness.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers are not new, and neither is Henshaw, having been leading the way since 2007, but as their wide-ranging benefits receive more and more attention, the demand for Hyperbaric therapy is growing rapidly.

Choosing the right hyperbaric chamber AND supplier

From having the UK’s largest range, to a highly experienced UK-wide support team, with hundreds of successful chamber installations in businesses and organisations across the UK and beyond, there are many great reasons why Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers are the right choice for you.

Here are 12 great reasons why you should choose Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers…

  1. The largest range of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers specific to your business needs

    • From single-person soft-shell chambers to multi-person hard-shell chambers

    • Hyperbaric experts and engineers offering advice and support

  2. HBOT chambers constructed to the highest standard

    • Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers are ISO 9001 accredited as a company, meeting all safety standards with durable, quality materials

    • Our UK-based installers service engineers will support you countrywide

  3. Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers put your safety first

    Medical safety screening for you and your client’s your peace of mind

    • Consultations from a Hyperbaric Doctor available

  4. A personalised Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy experience

    • Recommended protocols from a hyperbaric expert, ensuring your clients experience the best results

    • To help your clients get the most out of HBOT, their sessions need to be based on their needs and requirements, which is why we help set the protocols for you to work with.

  5. Delivered and installed UK-wide by professional HBOT specialists

    • Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers have experienced engineers who deliver, set up, and train you on how to operate your chamber

  6. Ongoing support from a fully trained and experienced team

    • Our relationship with you doesn’t finish when we deliver your HBOT chamber, that’s when it starts…

  7. Comprehensive training for business and professional users

    • Fully qualified and highly experienced team of HBOT experts who are able to train and support businesses and their teams to safely deliver HBOT between 1.3 and 2 ATA

    • Comprehensive safety and operations online training available to gain BHT certification through IBUM (International Board of Undersea Medicine)

    • Further advanced Doctor-led bespoke training options are also available

  8. Expert servicing support for your HBOT chamber

    • Ongoing aftercare support with our service options

  9. Fully guaranteed for your peace of mind

    • Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers offers the strongest, most reliable warranty of any UK company

  10. Flexible ownership options for your convenience

    Rental and purchase options for flexibility

    • Finance options available

  11. HBOT chambers designed for a flawless user experience

    • Luxurious, comfortable and easy-to-use chambers

  12. See the HBOT Chambers for yourself at the Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers Experience Centre

    • Come and see and experience the HBOT chambers at our dedicated Experience Centre

You can discover even more about why you should choose Henshaw Hyperbarics when investing in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy here…

Why Choose Henshaw?

Important questions to ask before choosing…

Henshaw Pro HBOT Chamber - Product page

As the popularity of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy grows, so does the number of HBOT suppliers to cope with the ever growing demand.

However, investing in a HBOT chamber is a big commitment and you want to be sure that the company you choose is able to supply a super high-quality chamber and importantly is able to back it up with ALL the support you will need to be able to deliver safe and effective hyperbaric therapy for your clients.

While there are a few manufacturers you could choose to buy or rent your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber from, the quality of the chambers and after-sales support can vary dramatically, so making the right choice is critical.

Choosing a supplier