Henshaw Recline

Henshaw Recline Chamber

Unique design that comes with a folding chair that can fully recline, offering a very comfortable experience.

  • 1.31 ATA (4.5 psi) operating pressure
  • Triple zip system for strength and durability
  • 2 transparent viewing windows
  • Chamber protection cover (variety of colours available)
  • Popular model for those more comfortable in a seated position
  • Emergency valve to depressurise
  • Easy to operate with internal pressure gauge
  • Oxygen delivery under pressure via face mask (optional)
  • Internal metal frame to keep shape when deflated
  • Recline seat allows ability to sit up
  • Oil free air compressor with filtration down to 0.001 microns

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Height 110cm / 43”
  • Width 70cm / 27.5”
  • Length 170cm / 67”
  • Weight 13kg
  • Pressure 1.31 ATA / 4.5 psi

For more information, including pricing, call us on 0203 326 2644. You can also contact us by using our online form.

British Professional Boxer and Olympic Gold Medallist Nicola Adams OBE using a Henshaw Recline Chamber