Henshaw Pro

Henshaw Pro Chamber

For professional use, this is a compact and light unit with all the luxury you would want for a fantastic experience. The extra-large window gives your customer a total feel of freedom.

  • 1.49 ATA (7.35 psi) operating pressure
  • Slide door entry for ease of use
  • Intercom phone system for 2 way communication and reading light
  • Automatic air pressure control system, the door is sealed by pressure
  • Wide viewing window
  • Delivers Oxygen under pressure via face mask (optional)
  • Control system combines compressor, oxygen concentrator and
    dehumidifier/cooler, making easy operation

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Width 75cm / 29.5”
  • Length 225cm / 88.5”
  • Weight Chamber: 100kg
  • Air compressor
  • O2 Concentrator
  • Dehumidifier: 60 kg
  • Pressure 1.49 ATA / 7.35 psi

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