Support for Alzheimer’s Disease

“One of the best options available for Alzheimer’s”

Iain turned to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to help support his father’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s….

“We first hired the Henshaw Deep Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber from The Wellness Tree after reading about the experiments that Dr Uri Ashery had been conducting at Tel Aviv University.

“They had shown very positive results in Mice and early tests in Humans looked extremely promising as well.

“My Dad started using the chamber and rapidly started to improve in his cognitive ability and I was genuinely impressed with the results.

“He then caught COVID (Delta), which really knocked him for six. When he first came back from the hospital he was really bad, he didn’t know where he was, he could barely recognise his own house, it was terrible.

“After some gentle persuasion, he started to go back in the HBOT Chamber, and the results were again dramatic. Within 1-2 weeks he was showing remarkable improvements. That was around 3 months ago.

“He is now as good as he has ever been and I am genuinely impressed with the results.

“If you have someone or yourself with Alzheimer’s disease, there are no cures, but I think this is probably one of the best options out there. If we didn’t have this, I am not sure where we would be right now.”