Testimonials and Feedback from Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers Users…

“We are so very grateful to you all for introducing us to HBOT, it has been beyond what we could have ever hoped or dreamed of. All I can say is that for our 5yr old son with ASD, by far the biggest and quickest variable in terms of very real change in our child was the HBOT. His language exploded in a way that you simply couldn’t imagine. Henshaw Hyperbarics have been amazing. They were on hand to install, teach us and oversee our first few sessions in the chamber with our son. We’ve been lucky, lucky to have found the wonderful people who have helped us along the way.”

“We have a five year old son on the spectrum and have tried many things, but I have to say this is by far the best treatment we have done for our son. He is talking more, even his School and Aba team have commented how chatty he is, he’s trying to string sentences, he even said “I love you mama” without prompting. Overall we are very happy and look forward to continue renting the chamber from Henshaw Hyperbarics.”

“We have been using Henshaw Hyperbarics for several years now and find their customer service, quality product and can do attitude to helping us to integrate their products into our business to be second to none. The new recliner Hyperbaric chamber in particular has opened up a whole new market to us that was not feasible before with restricted movement customers.”
Russell – Simply Oxygen

British Professional Boxer and Olympic Gold Medalist Nicola Adams OBE using a Henshaw Recline chamber