HBOT for Sport

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Sport    

Whatever sport you are involved with, Hyperbaric Chambers could support you. The key reasons athletes at all levels and from all sports use HBOT are…

  • Improved Sports Performance
    When HBOT is used consistently, an increase in available energy provides long-term benefits for the body. It can increase the body’s ability to fight disease, accelerate healing, and improve overall vitality and wellbeing. 
  • Promote Faster Recovery from Injury
    Inflammation and pain are a huge part of the recovery process, and research has shown that HBOT significantly reduces inflammation and eases pain.
  • Support Traumatic Brain Injury
    The benefits of HBTO for traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been confirmed by many studies. Because of this, sportspeople are turning to HBOT to recover from head injuries immediately after they happen, but we are also seeing an increase in the use of HBOT in those who have been diagnosed with early onset dementia caused by multiple concussions.
  • Improved long-term health wellbeing
    HBOT is becoming popular for long-term health because it can help support the immune system, give added protection to the body against every day toxins and can help slow down the aging process. With extra energy in your body, you are more able to fight disease, heal, and live life with strength and vigour. 

We’ll share some of the key benefits of HBOT for sportspeople below. But if you’d like more details head over to or download the HBOT in Sport Guide here. 

What are the Key Benefits of HBOT to Sports People?

Injuries caused by sports-related activities are a substantial concern among players, coaches and parents.

As inflammation and pain play primary roles with respect to recovery, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been shown to significantly reduce both inflammation and pain.

Additionally, HBOT can promote fibroblast/collagen activity to accelerate and enhance healing from surgeries and wounds, and is currently used by some sporting institutions to treat sports-related injuries as a part of their official medical techniques and equipment.


It wasn’t that long ago that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was the preserve of divers only, helping them overcome decompression sickness. Fast forward to today – the world of elite sports is now one of the biggest users of HBOT, helping stars of many sports heal faster, train harder and recover quicker.

The list of different sports that recognise the power of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is growing rapidly, with some clubs and associations having their own treatment centres.

Rugby player, Dylan Hartley, uses HBOT to support his general wellbeing

Dylan Hartley, past England Captain and author of The Hurt, is a huge advocate of HBOT.

“After years of putting myself through the rigours of professional rugby, I am now focused on being as diligent as I can to repair my body.

Good daily habits were always a mainstay during my career and now in retirement applying the same positive approach to routine has helped me stay focused, productive and ultimately healthier.

Time in my Henshaw using HBOT is part of that daily routine. It has had a positive impact on my general well-being and most importantly, I’ve found a significant improvement in my cognitive function.”

England rugby star Jonny May recovering from a sports injury at home using a Henshaw 1662 Chamber.

Rugby player Jonny May – uses his HBOT Chamber to stay top of his game.

Jonny May plays in the English Premiership for Gloucester Rugby, as well as England’s national rugby team.

“With the physical and mental demands of training and playing, a hyperbaric environment allows me to recover far more efficiently, while being able to relax. Spending time in my Henshaw chamber is an integral part of my daily routine. I’m able to recover faster by getting more oxygen around my body – recovery is performance.”



Are you a sportsperson, coach, manager or team?

HBOT can support sports performance, recovery from injury, a TBI, or simply to maintain long-term health and wellbeing.

For more information about the benefits of HBOT in sport, visit the Henshaw Sport website or in the HBOT in Sport Guide