Support for Perthes Disease

“The HBOT Chamber is really, really working for us and my son Bo is doing far, far better than we ever expected.”

When Beth and Nick’s son, Bo, was diagnosed with Perthes disease, they were devastated.

Perthes disease is a childhood hip disorder caused by a disruption of blood flow to the ball of the hip joint or femoral head. The loss of blood flow results in bone death, which is referred to as “avascular necrosis” or “ischemic necrosis” of the femoral head.

“He was diagnosed this time last year, it felt like our world had been shattered. My poor little fella was in pain, limping like Tiny Tim, and we were told he couldn’t run, jump, walk far, play footy or rugby, PE or go to the park.

“Surgeries and wheelchairs were his possible future, and we needed to be prepared for days he is unable to go to school because of pain. It was heart-breaking. 

“One year on, his X-ray still looks awful to me, BUT his Specialist is shocked at the journey his Perthes is taking. He said: “He’s living through Perthes without a disability. Most kids are not so lucky”

“Bo’s virtually pain free, and prior to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy he was having daily pain relief before school. He’s an amazing swimmer, goes to horse riding therapy and boxing. These are all new things, because prior to Perthes, our weekends were taken up by football and rugby which he is unable to do now.

“He has no limp and is such a happy little boy. You wouldn’t know he was going through a horrible time in his little life.”